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Collagen Consumption: How much do I need

If you are new to using collagen peptides you may be asking yourself "how much collagen protein do I really need.?"  You don’t want to consume too much protein, although recommended dosages differ among studies. Collagen is distributed throughout the body as is any other nutrient; it is not told where to go. There is no safe recommended amount—the main risks are to people with fish or egg allergies who consume supplements with these ingredients.

Collagen Peptides: Everything You Need to Know


Collagen is a hot topic these days. Many people are searching for healthier, non-surgical alternatives to cosmetic procedures to improve their appearance, and products like collagen peptides are helping them do this. Yet, collagen can also have many benefits for the body when ingested as collagen peptides. We’ll give you the low-down about this powerful protein.

Benefits of Collagen Peptides

Collagen peptides are broken down into smaller molecules using enzymes. This makes them very digestible, readily soluble in hot and cold liquids, and easy for the small intestine to absorb. Ingesting this protein in the form of peptides means that the body is able to receive and, therefore, benefit from a much higher amount of collagen than is available in any other form.

How Collagen Peptides Help Restore Collagen in the Body

Because collagen peptides help the body produce collagen for ligaments, tendons, and joints, they can lower your risk of sustaining an injury in these areas. As well, if you’re currently experiencing pain or discomfort as the result of any of these injuries, collagen peptides can reduce their severity.