Our Story

Healthy Living Proteins LLC was created to provide high quality supplements to all of you out there who put in a lot of work whether it's in exercise, diet or healthy eating. After lot's of research and looking at what was happening in the market, we saw that Collagen was the main Ingridient missing in people's diets. People get older, their hair, skin and nails start to fall out and we don't want that to be you. Workout
We provide excellence in the quality of our products, test our products three times  and we
believe Healthy Living Proteins is the way to go for you!

If you have any questions about our products or our company, you can contact us directly on social media, email or phone call.

IG & FB: healthylivingproteins
Email: healthylivingproteins@gmail.com
Phone Number: 347-398-4000