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  • NATURAL STAIN REMOVAL: Unlock the secret to a brighter smile with our Doctor's Choice Teeth Whitening Powder. Infused with active leaf oil, this innovative formula not only removes stubborn stains but also promotes teeth remineralization. Experience the magic of toothpowder whitening as you reveal a radiant smile, naturally and without harsh chemicals.
  • TEETH WHITENING MAGIC: With our natural tooth powder, experience more than just a bright smile. Our innovative formula acts as a toothpaste powder, gently polishing your teeth to brilliance. Enjoy a smooth, glossy finish for superior oral health.
  • SENSITIVE TEETH SOLUTION: Made for sensitive teeth, our organic whitening powder offers a gentle, discomfort-free way to brighten your smile. Bid farewell to traditional methods' discomfort with our toothpowder remineralizing formula.
  • MINTY FRESH SMILES: Bid farewell to pesky bad breath! Improved with a delightful minty essence, our advanced whitening tooth powder goes beyond just brightening your pearly whites; our teeth powder also guarantees a lasting sensation of freshness, keeping your breath invigorated and revitalized from dawn till dusk.
  • CONVENIENT AND COST-EFFECTIVE: Enjoy the convenience of at-home with our easy-to-use white teeth powder. Each canister provides a full month's supply, offering an affordable solution for achieving a dazzling smile without the need for expensive dental treatments.

Doctor's Choice Teeth Whitening Powder with Active Leaf Oil

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