Multi Collagen 16 oz Unflavored

I have been using collagen for a couple of years now and a friend recommended trying this brand.
Let’s start with what everyone wants to know about—TASTE! This collagen is unnoticeable if you mix it in anything besides water ( tea, coffee, crystal light, sports drinks etc). If you mix this product in water, it is nearly tasteless but you can tell something is in the water. I don’t suggest mixing this with soda as it will cause your soda to become flat and weird.
When mixed with a full 8oz of liquid, the consistency of the drink does not change.
The powder dissolves VERY quickly in hot beverages. I have mine with my cup of coffee every morning because it is a routine I have gotten used to and it is quick and easy. When mixing with cold drinks, you do have to put forth a bit more effort of mixing it or shaking it in the bottle to get rid of any clumps.
For me, the powder has been very easy to digest. It has not caused any changes with my stomach or caused it to be upset/feel nauseous (I have a sensitive stomach with supplements).
It is also something that is easy to add with recipes and doesn’t change the taste or consistency when baking.

The packaging is well done and the instructions are easy to follow. Inside comes one clear scoop and the lid has grip on it making it easy to open and close.

I will follow up in the future to talk about results with hair/skin/nails.